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Mains Test series is the hallmark of the Vision IAS. Every year thousands of students utilise Vision IAS test series based on INNOVATIVE ASSESSMENT SYSTEM to improve their scores. The immense response from the students and huge surge every year is a living testimony of our commitment to quality. The test series from Vision IAS has become an indispensable tool for every serious aspirant.

Program Objective

To understand your current preparedness & required action plans and frame your mind towards actual pattern and toughness of UPSC Mains. This will enhance the aspirants’ time-management & answer writing skills and help in maximizing their score.

Approach & Strategy

To focus on structure & presentation of answers, presentation of facts, information & knowledge, understanding keywords, context & content of the questions. The aspirants will also be given concrete feedback & tailor-made corrective measures.

Note: Calendar is showing the Test Series Schedule.